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Wells Fargo...Businses Line of credit.......

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I own A small Bizz....been in bizz for 16 years.....most if not all my bad tradlines are gone off my personal CR. I have been offered Bizz line of credit from Wells fargo....$15,000 Minimum line.

Could use the credit from time to time....when a large deal come thru I have a Dealer that advances me the money, but I have to hand over the goods quickly and at a minimum profit. If I had 20-30 days I could increase profablity from 5-7 % up to 15-20% or more.

Anyone delt with Wells Fargo??

Loan has a SBA fee of 1%

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I have my personal accounts at Wells Fargo...no credit through them. In general, they're just another Really Big Bank.

If you need the line of credit...and you're sure your business will support the traffic...and, your business is incorporated...and, you don't have to personally gurantee the line...go for it. If you have any doubts about this...don't.

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