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I disputed within 30 days...


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And I paid the OC, (medical dispute) but the CA still reported me to the credit bureaus. Can they do that? I thought they were not allowed to report it if I disputed it and settled it within 30 days.

Am I wrong?

When you paid the original creditor, did you get a letter from them verifying that they would contact the collection agency for it to be removed from their records? You can contact the original creditor and ask them to have it removed from your credit report. Sometimes it's not possible after they receive payment, but I have been successful in removing two medical collections from my credit report by contacting the original creditor. I was looking into a mortgage and I told them this was hindering me. They sent me a letter stating they will remove it from the credit bureau as well as contacting the collection agency. I sent this certified to the credit bureaus to ensure it was to be removed. xpopcornx

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