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Having trouble finding 2nd dv letter...when

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Having trouble finding examples for a 2nd dv letter when the first one was answered but not validated. Here is the resonse I received....

A little past history..... these bills are from Indiana and I have lived in Florida for 5 years. The utility one I looked in my old checkbooks and never used them...so not sure what that is about, maybe they changed names or something. And the dental bill is from a town I never lived in and I dont remember going there.

Here is what I have received.

"Enclosed is a copy of the bill you requested, and they enclosed a print out of a utility bill.... on that bill is the name of a energy company I have never heard of with the total due amount and the date of 11/28/00."

Second one is....

"From NCO Financial and looks to be like a dental bill..all this one has is date 2/21/01 my name and 3 services listed with a balance due."

I really appreciate all the assistance and we are trying to clean credit report to purchase a house.


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yes the utility bill has a previous address and nothing else on the dental bill except name, services done, & balance due.

You answered another question for me on SOL's and that question also pretained to these 2 bills...so do you think I should send 2nd DV letters or SOL letters. Im new at this but trying to learn all i can.

Thanks so much

Pam ((:

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