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Checked my mail and there's a post card with a "preapproval" for Horizon Gold credit card.

Boy this sounds promising (not)


There's nothing on the site about what it is or what fees there are and what it's good for or anything.

Just says on the vard you're preapproved with a $500 starting line of credit and they report to "major credit bureau"

hmmmm anyone know the details on this suspected scam?

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It's like a Fingerhut card I bet. You get a credit account and can order stuff off their website/catalog.

Their website is craptastic and I wouldn't deal with them. File them along with the other craptastic cards like All American Gold Card.

I'd be willing to bet there is at least $80 in initial setup fees along with yearly fees. Could be as high as $200.

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Only do it if you are desperate. They are going to take like $80 out of your bank account every month just to have the card. It is like you are paying them to report the line. Easier to ask a family member to add you as an authorized user. I got the same offer and looked into it and read the fine print. I need to help but I am not stupid or desperate enough to pay them on top of having to pay the balance every month.:evil:

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