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how do i get my sons debts removed from our credit report


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my husband and son have the same name and on some of my sons debts he never put jr and at the time he incurred them he lived at the same address so his debts are on our credit report how do we go about removing them and why dont the creditors have to use social security numbers to report a debt to the credit bureaus? is this legal?

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"...same name...lived at same address..."

CR records are kept, and pulled, by computer software. The criteria priority is (approximately):

Last name

zip code

first name


middle name or initial

street address

generational designation (Sr., Jr., etc.)

previous address



employment or other available data (like spouse's name)

This is so because of the origin of credit files. But suffice to say that Where and Who is more important than SS#'s, which are not the be-all-end-all in credit that most consumers believe. You can see that SS#'s are number nine in the example above. Public records (bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments and foreclosures) are never matched and merged from SS#'s (because of privacy laws).

What is the source here? Did you obtain a report directly from the CRA's or did you get a 3rd party 3-n-1 report?

Any two consumers having similar or identical names in the same area may experience a bad merge on a 3-n-1 report. But inaccurate data should not exist on your permanent credit file (your "consumer file" as defined by the FCRA) obtained directly from the CRA's. Figuring out how and when this shows up is the first step to fixing it.

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