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anyone know who SBL at areaa code 702 is


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Anyone who orders something off an infomercial deserves this.
You don't have to order something off an infomercial in order to be harrassed with this type of telemarketing call. Sometimes it's not even an online purchase. Just recently when I was setting up a new computer system and was making frequent trips to one of the big box stores I was given a pitch for magazine subscriptions each time through the checkout line. The last time it happened, to save the cashier time, before she could begin I said very nicely and with a smile, "I don't want the magazines, so you don't have to say the spiel." She shot back at me, "Just let me do my job!" I completed my transaction with her and then went to the manager and said, "1) I don't appreciate being solicited by the cashier for other products each time I make a purchase; and 2) your cashier at #_ station is hostile and unprofessional and I don't appreciate that either." He promised me that he would speak with her and that all cashiers would be counseled on the subject (although I doubt very highly that that every happened).

BTW, I've occasionally ordered something off an infomercial and have never been harrassed by a telemarketer afterwards. However, my cc company does solicit me for various products and services every time I call about my account. Very annoying.

gtty: You need to pick up the phone one of the times this telemarketer calls and let them know you want no further contact. Usually that will do the trick.

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