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What happens if you dont have your registered mail receipt? I have a letter from one agency that says they can not validate the debt in 30 days and nothing from another and it is over the 30 days. do i still send the second dv letter?

My suggestion is to re-send-rightaway!

Currently, I have a San Francisco firm claiming that I owe $10,000 on an original amount of $3400.00. They have mis-identified the Original Creditor. I sent a Certified Mail/Return Receipt. Never got the Receipt back. This was for Debt Validation. I let the matter go a bit and now are going after these guys. Here's how: 1st) Certified Letter/Return Receipt; 2nd) Registered Letter/Return Receipt; 3rd) Priority Mail/Delivery Confirmation; and 4th) First Class Mail with a Certificate of Mailing (Proof that I actually mailed it). All the same day. I'm planning on going to court with these guys, and I can also go to the CRA showing that the CA has-after all of these attempts-failed to validate the debt. It will make it hard for TransUnion and Equifax to consider the listing by this bogus CA as "Verified", especially when they don't respond. Maybe a bit extreme-but your good credit is worth the extra measure. Sorry to be long winded- Good Luck to you.

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