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Guest Caltone

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Guest Caltone

Hi All,

Great site and great forums. We have found some good ideas here.

The wife and I are in the process of cleaning up our credit with the hopes of getting a VA loan in the near future. We have a question about one item on our report.

We have a Sears card that was charged off in May 2005. We wanted to work out a settlement so I called Sears. They told me the account had been "sold" and they were unable to take payments. They gave me the # of what I assumed to be a CA. I called the CA and they were unable to locate my account using account #'s, name, address, SSN, phone #'s etc. The CA suggested I call Sears back and see if they had a different account #. I am confident we used the correct # with the CA.

What should we do next? Since the CA cannot locate the account and Sears cannot accept payment, how do we proceed? Our goal of course is to clean up a spottly credit report. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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