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Insufficent Credit History.. Remedy?

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Hope someone can help.. I only have 1 TL on my reports, it is within 90 days, so I have no history. I am getting declined for just about everything, Target, Citi PP, etc due to "insufficent credit history". Any ideas for a remedy? I've done a little searching, anyone know of any threads discussing this or have any options available other than piggybacking?

I've been applying based on creditpulls database as my scores are in the high 600's. Still I got nothin.


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You need more TLs, preferably revolving ones. Get a secured credit card and try Crown Jewlers, they report to all 3 CBs.

Btw, that's where I started. I had "lack of revolving charge accounts" and once I got a secured CC, I applied for Target and got that, too. My score has went up ever since.



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