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Hi there,

I understand what you're probably getting at. Dire financial issues at this point? Well...now, the main thing to remember is to maintain focus. As tough as it can be, you want to be clear minded when dealing with money matters--otherwise, you WILL live to regret it.

Try to remember...the here and the now is important, but you MUST give yourself SOMETHING for the future.

If there's a chance you can save your CC's, do so. DO NOT allow them to go to collections, do not. YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Some ideas...

1. If you have a CC that has high interest rates and you know you've always been on time, consider asking for a reduction in interest rates.

2. Always pay MORE on your credit card payments, rather than just the "minimum." Most people find even an extra 5-10 bucks helps.

3. Don't let the acct go into charge off mode. This can occur at the 90 day late mark, so avoid that like the plague. Try to avoid lates, those ding your credit. Just get those payments in on time even if all you can do is "minimum" payments at this point.

4. Don't give up on this. Sometimes all you need is a change in strategy, leave yourself something for the future...because you WILL get out of this.

5. Spoil the CC's that have been good to you. Bend over backwards to work with them and keep your credit GOOD. Hang on to those good cards if you can.

6. Consider paying off smaller balance cards, save yourself some interest.

Welcome. This is a great place, a true GOLD mine so read as much as you can and use the search feature and just type in key phrases.


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