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Verizon-Charge off and NCO collection


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Well, if it's paid than it's paid. Are you trying to say you paid it PRIOR to charge off? I guess I'm not understanding what is incorrect in the reporting of it.

Also, what kind of mortgage are you trying to get? What is your credit score?

Honestly, if THIS is your only "baddie" and it's "paid" why are you fussing with it?? I was recently told by a mortgage company that anything beyond 4 yrs to "not worry about..." and remember, this item is PAID. Many mortgage companies just want the crap paid. Than again, I don't know who you're looking at going with.

Your best bet may be to go to the "mortgages" section and ask if this will matter in your ability to attain a mortgage.

Also, it sounds like they started reporting on it because you asked about it...thus "waking the sleeping giant" so to speak. I hate it that they do this. I recently got a CO/Collection added to my CR's and I paid it YEARS back and it hadn't previously reported, so I can feel your frustration. To top it all off, it was a "BALLY'S" membership that NEVER went to collections...I was just a bit late with it and paid up and closed it out.

What I will tell you is, Verizon Wireless is NO FUN to do business with. I had a paid debt with them and since I couldn't PROVE I had paid it they wouldn't budge. Honestly, I did pay it and guess what? We're talking about a debt that's just turning 7 yrs old! (Obviously beyond SOL) They're tough. That's why I went with T-Mobile. Haven't been late on my bill ONCE and I absolutely LOVE them. I just decided I can't do business with folks that treat their customers this way. I can't afford it, literally. I couldn't afford to repay this debt thus re-aging the time it will continue reporting on my CR's! Than again, now I know to keep track of ALL payments for 10 + yrs!!!

Good luck.


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