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Newest Member of the AMEX CLUB Here!!!

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Hey people,

You all might remember my origninal post last week about being approved for the AMEX Gold Card. Well, I got it in the mail today and I must say I'm extremely excited! I don't know why though. It's not like its free money, but I feel I joined some elite club or something because I know they don't give them out to anybody.

The card looks great.. all shiny and stuff. It doesn't even look right in my wallet next to my crappy Capital One fake "platinum" card and my check cards. I can't wait to pull it out when I'm out dining with friends.

So what do I plan to do with it you ask? I'm using it with extreme care. I will probably make some large purchases and pay them off immediately just to build a rep. Then I'm going to apply for the AMEX Delta card to take advantage of the skymiles bonus. Then in a year, I'm going to go for the AMEX Platinum. I think I have the salary for it, I just need to demonstrate some serious purchase power.

Don't ask what my scores are becuase I don't know. Anybody have any Grey Poupon?...

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