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Confused on Cap 1 Reporting Time...


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I am confused as to the reporting time for Cap 1. I know a lot of people have said that they are notorious for re-aging so I am concerned. It is currently only reporting on EX and EQ. TU said it was due to drop off 05/07 but it fell off this month.

Here is how it reads on EX:

Date Opened: 7/98

Date of Status: 7/04

Reported Since: 7/00

Last Report Date:7/04

High Balance: $916

Recent Balance: $916

Account History:

Charge off as of June 2001

150 days as of May 2001

120 days as of April 2001

90 days as of March 2001

60 days as of Feb 2001

30 days as of Jan 2001, Sep 2000

Chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissed on July 7, 2004

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks bunches.

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