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I started reading and learning here in May of 2005. In Dec/2006 I prevailed in 3 different pro se lawsuits in small claimes court and settled 3 others:

katsr v. Equifax-judgment for the plaintiff $1,000

(Blocked my file)

katsr v. Toyota Financial Services-judgment for the plaintiff, $2500

(They never sent the proper paperwork after repossession rendering the alleged defiency void) they haven't removed the account yet grrrrrr:evil:

katsr v. smalltime local CA-judgment for the plaintiff, $1,000

(sent out material threatening legal action for a $155 medical debt and inflated the amount of the debt w/ illegal interest) this one hasn't been removed yet either :-(

katsr v. Major Scumbag CA- settled for $1500

katsr v. CA for Toyota Financial Services-settled for $1,000

(collecting on an illegal tradeline)

I knew I was permanently leaving California soon and took advantage of the consumer friendly laws there and sued using the California Civil Code, the Rees Levering Motor Vehicle Sales & Finance Act, and the Rosenthal Debt Collection Practices Act.

I've worked so hard on these cases for the last several months I haven't been on the board much except for research, and I always find what I need here. To all of you who devote so much time and expertise to this board, a hearfelt thanks.:notworthy:

What is the best way to collect on the judgments? Can I ding their D&B reports the same way they do ours?

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You're welcome! Everyone here gives selflessly of their time.

To answer your question, I know in Arizona, if they won't pay, you can just hire a sheriff to come with you to the place of business and take $1000 (just using this amount as an example of the judgment amount) worth of their equipment. You can also get a court order to seize bank accounts.

Collection agencies won't pay you much if you turn it over to them you'll wind up with not much of the judgment.

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Well you can deal withthe tradelines by filing disputes with the CRAs and providing copies of the judgments/settlement letters to prove the tradelines need to be removed.

As for collecting the ammounts, that depends on how greedy you are. You can take all your judgments to one of those payout companies that gives you cash for your judgments/structured-settlements and let it be their problem to collect. You'll get about 60% of the total paid to you. But you won't have to deal with it.

Or you can send them certified letters demanding payment within 30 days. Failure to pay would just end with them back in court and more costs added on top.

Yes you can report them to Dunn & Bradstreet. I don't know what the cost is, though.

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