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Remove Late Payment History VISA Card


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Hi All,

I've had outstanding success thus far cleaning up my credit information. I've run in to just one final problem; here is the situation.

Credit card account that is now 'closed' with a balance of around $5500. As recently as a year ago there were many late payments made, some up to 90 days late. It's now the one and only blemish on my credit report and my mortgage folks say it is the only reason I'm not getting their prime rate.

The account is with Compass Bank. I've contacted their 'recovery' department but was informed that they can only manipulate accounts that are in 'charge off' status. I spoke with the 'credit' department but they only perform credit checks for people interested in cards.

I talked with 'collections' but they don't have any info on me as my account is current now, and I of course talked to customer service who said that the 'recovery' department was the only one that could do that, and of course I already spoke with them anyway xdancex

So, my question is, should I pay this off? Goodwill letters have not succeeded and so far no one I've talked to on the phone can really do anything, so I was thinking they might be more willing to clean up the late payments if the account was paid in full.

Has anyone had success with something like this, or, does anyone have a good contact at Compass Bank that can help in this situation?

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