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I need some insight. I have recently been served by an attorney on behalf of Auto Nation Financial (20 day response). I co signed the loan w/ my then girl friend now wife. The used vehicle in question "died" 42 miles over the warranted mileage. $2500 for repairs that we did not have the money to pay. We let the vehicle go back to dealer as a repo. She had two months earlier filed bankruptcy after being indefinately layed off from her job. The debt collectors stopped contacting her. Four months later they called me and convinced me that I was liable for the debt. I reluctantly agreed to take back the vehicle and "eat" the repair costs. They informed me that the vehicle had been sold at auction and I was responsible for the balance of the debt. Rightly or wrongly I refused to give them another penny. This all occured between Feb. 2000 and Oct 2001. I received collection notices in the mail but when I saw who they were from I ignored them.

The CRA's showed the debt changing hands a few times and it really beat my scores to a pulp. On 1/12/07 I was served by a sherriffs office with the summons. I have resided in two counties during this ordeal and searched their public records. I have no judgements against me to this date. I have never made any agreement to repay the debt with anyone. Does this fall under the SOL for the state of Florida? Any suggestions from the wise?

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