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Success with CMI!


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Got into work this morning, checked my email, and it made my day to find an email from the BBB letting me know that CMI, (collection agency), had responded to my complaint against them.

The short version was that I had moved, wasn't getting collection notices from them about a $150 old cable bill that I thought I had paid in full. So then, right after I put a contract on a house to buy...... this collection shows up on my report. I call in and talk to CMI and the guy tells me that as long as I pay it off within the month it is placed on my report, that is will be removed. So being the dingbat that I can sometimes be, I pay it immediately. Then I call back to CMI and request that they mail me verification that it will be removed and I talk to a different rep this time. This time the girl is very rude and says she doesn't even know if it can be removed. So I am mad now. I disputed it with all 3 bureaus and they all come back VERIFIED! So then I filed a complaint with the BBB online on Tuesday and here is their response:

On January 24, 2007, the business provided the following information:

Contact Name and Title: Avitus Cox Acct Resolutio

Contact Phone: 972-862-4326

Our office has reviewed this account. This account was withdrawn from our office on January 23, 2007. This account has been deleted from the three credit bureaus with the confirmation number of 18192204. A letter will be mailed confirming the account has been withdrawn and the credit bureaus have been updated to delete this account.

Good luck to any of you in the same boat. I know how frustrating it is!!!

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