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hello everyone new member starating the repairing proccess


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hello everyone i am virtually brand new at this so heres to the future

a little about my situation and where i stand

my wife and i are about to begin the daunting task of repairing our credit. so any advice would be helpful. thanks in advance.

my wife has numerous student loans the she will need to start paying on withing the next six months. she has 4 cc's that were charged off

1 capitol one

2 applied card visa

3 first premiere

4 aspire visa

she also has these accounts in collection

atat phone bill 9/2006 221.00 (we will pay this) how can i have this removed after payment

medical bill 3/2006 152.00 (we will pay this) how can i have this removed after payment

she also has lots of inquiries how do you get rid of these.

I have an outstanding account for

va loan of 5,700 from 2003 (this is a governmnet loan) does this have the same stipulations as a regular loan.

i also have a medical bill for 330.00 from 2002/20003

i also forgot to mention the fact that on my report they have every address of every place ive lived since i was a little kid. they have about 7 different names name abbreviations they even have an alternate social security number on my report which definatley doesnt belong to me.

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That is quite a handful but not unusual. You must call the original creditors of the ones you want to payoff,customer service rep and start to make a deal. Tell them you want to payoff or payment plan, remember the older the debt the less value it really has. So start with 75% of the balance and work from there. Make it clear if they agree to accept payment or payment plan the details must be sent to you in writing that clearly states that once they receive payment they will delete from your report it is that simple but remember they may not agree to delete but may list paid as agree which is fine. Also no letter no payment the damage is already done just wait to fall off. You must write to each of the bureaus and inform them to delete the incorrect ss # and remove inquiries you did not authorize. Keep in mind not all will agree especially experian they are difficult when it comes reomving inquiries and anything else for that matter but be persistent!! good luck

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