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crap 1 used to report AU's??

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If they aren't willing to report you as an AU have you tried "joint account holder?" What's the credit scores like these days for both of you?

Well, if it were me they wouldn't get my SSN if they weren't willing to report me. I won't be part of the whole; "you aren't good enough to benefit from this credit line...but we'll come after you if it goes unpaid and report THAT on your CR stuff..." but that's me.


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Well, I burned them on a BK for only like $500. But DH was a reported AU on that too. But he got the card and now they wont report me but they want the SSN. I didnt think of a joint account. Our scores are on mid to upper 6's one year after BK7, with 1 open CC one store CC and 2 auto loans. SOOO, I might try that and see what happens. Should I just call up there and ask, or what ??


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