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PO Box 5305

Glen Allen VA. 23058-5305

888-896-7262 ext 2014 REP Name Jada

They called me this evening in regaurds to a debt they claimed my wife had with Sprint. I let her have it. Asset Acceptance was notified with Police report that this was a fraud account that asset could not validate or verify and i demanded asset remove it immediatly. the line item itself said it was like 6yrs old.

So after explaining why i wanted thier address so i can now sue them too unless she tell me how they aquired this debt, she got mad and asked if "i was recording", I said "yes", she said "I dont want to be recorded" i said "then hang up". then i continued to explain how her company was wrong. She hung up.

So i call her back and tell her who i am and that i am off the record, i am not recording. " I really am not at this point" and i let her know i want to know who they assigned this debt from, or i would name jada on my suit, and she explained to me she is a division of asset and has not purchased this debt or assigned it from no one. Then she politely let me go.

Any one ever hear of this company or know if this really is a sub of asset. If so i will be at the courthouse again tomorrow .. :) I still might be, as they must have sold the account if it is not them. lol.

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Tympana aims to be a premier offshore debt collections and recoveries agency focusing on superior performance and cost-effectiveness.

Tympana is currently working credit card,telecom,health care and returned check portfolios for major players in the U.S.

Tympana’s collections personnel have extensive experience in debt recoveries. Current site is 5,000 sq. ft. at the Montego Bay Free Zone and has a capacity for 100 seats. Tympana has immediate access to additional site capacity of about 20,000 sq. ft.

Tympana is backed by pool of international investors with diverse background and experience in financial services, technology and business process outsourcing and healthcare management.


Seems like they know how to sell themselves, although I didn't look around it too much though. The word offshore sticks out to me though.

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