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What am I suppose to see after a dispute?

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What am I suppose to see after a dispute?


I made 4 disputes to Experian in regards to CAs who purchased my original debts. I was disputing them becasue the CAs put current dates for collection, bad TLs etc... I looked at the report online today and all it says is "This item was verified and updated on Jan 2007. " WHat does this mean exactly?



1112 7TH AVE

MONROE, WI 53566

No phone number available

Account Number:


Status: Account charged off. $201 written off. $100 past due as of Jan 2007

Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Sep 2009.

This item was verified and updated on Jan 2007.

Date Opened:




Reported Since:

06/2003 Terms:


Date of Status:


Monthly Payment:


Last Reported:




Credit Limit/Original Amount:


High Balance:


Recent Balance:

$201 as of 01/2007

Recent Payment:


Account History:

Charge Off as of Feb 2006 to Jan 2007, May 2004 to Dec 2005, Mar 2004, Jan 2004, Jun 2003 to Dec 2003

And what is this date range all about?

I know this is a small amount of money, but I have no idea what it is. Is my next step to send a DV letter to Monroe and Main?


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I have the same question as I thought they were an original creditor! 88-)

This is the course I took. It worked for me but do what you think is right for you! :)++

Follow the steps in this method:


The Method

After this experience, I did a little more investigation on the credit bureau's methods of investigation and someone pointed me to the Bennett testimony. Based on my own experience and what I learned, I came up with the following procedure which seems to be working for people:

1. Challenge the listing in the normal way.

2. If verified, with a copy of the investigation result in hand, call the CRA at the toll-free number listed at the top of the report. (If not, you're done, you lucky dog!)

3. Give the report reference number and ask for method of verification per FCRA Section 611(a)(7) .

4. They will have never called the OC (original creditor), but will have relied on a third party database to verify, which they may or may not admit to you. If they can't cite solid evidence like "we called the OC and they verified", ask for OC's phone number.

5. Call OC and ask for the records.

6. If the OC doesn't have them (they will typically tell you that the collection agency has them and they don't keep them), get the person's name and direct line. If they do have them, demand a copy under the new FACTA act.

7. If you are sent records, review them and see how good they are. If they are not conclusive, take the next step.

8. If the OC has no records

o Call the CRA back and tell them the OC has no records.

o Inform the CRA that they need to open another dispute. The new information for the dispute is the name and number of the person to whom you have just called at the OC.

o If they refuse, inform them you will sue for willful non-compliance under section FCRA § 616.

o If they still refuse, send the information via certified letter along with an intent to sue letter. If not, they will give you a new confirmation number (write it down! and the date!). This acts as a new investigation, and the CRA has 30 days to get back to you.

9. If you have written records proving the OC can't back up the negative listing(s) they are reporting on your credit report

o send them registered mail to the CRA along with an intent to sue letter if the account is not removed.


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