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No News is Good News with TrueCredit?

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I have been noticing a trend with TrueCredit.com and wonder if anyone else has noticed the same. If something negative hits any one of my CRA reports, I receive an alert at their website and an email. However, if there is good news, i.e. a deletion, or new positive tradeline - there is never an alert or an email.

Is this just another example of the system geared towards negative info, or is my experience unique?

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New positive TLs generate an alert. At least they used to.

They still do...

You are right determind. If there is a delete you will not be notified. Keep a close eye on the account list at the top of the page. This list will tell you how many opened accounts you have, how many derog's, and how may closed. YOu can keep track that way!



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