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Chase is reporting a stolen CC on my CR What do I do ?


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Okay my Chase Circuit City CC # was stolen from someone in Japan. They maxed it out and Chase were asses about the whole situation. They called me because they saw some suspicious activity on my CC and they wanted to know if I was in Japan.... I said "No I have never been to Japan.." So they do the whole investigation and never send me a statement. They told me I was responsible for the payment regardless if my payments went from $30 a month to $200 because the CC was maxed out..I mean they wer just horrible to me and RUDE !!!!!!!! I felt like the victim.. One guy in the fraud dept. told me when I asked him if they ever catch these guys he said " we don't have time to look for them they are all over the world.." man that sucks.. Anyway they are now still reporting the old CC as current and the new one as current so it looks like I have two Circuit City CC on my CR....My balance is like $8,000 when it should only be $4,000 and its killing my utilization. The problem is that I called Chase and they said "yeah,yeah we are fixing it" but they haven't. I disputed it with the CRA's but they haven't done anything to help me either...What can I do ? Please gve me any help as I am stuck at this point...Thanks a million...:)

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