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Reaging, No Validation, Experian....Grr!


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OK, I'm so angry, I'm shaking. I DV'd Asset Acceptance a while back and never received validation. They dropped from TU and EQ, but I just got notice that they've verified with EX.

Moreover, my first credit report says the account is scheduled to drop in May '07, and now it reads Jan '11-- almost eleven years after the account was supposedly opened!

How the &%#@ did EX verify this?

Argh! I'm so frustrated. I think I've scared my three year old, too...he's hiding from Mommy now....

Mostly venting...I need to send them a fiesty letter and I can't write it when I'm this frickin' ticked.

EDIT: The inital thirty days to validate expired on the 26th. How long should I wait to see if they've sent a letter (i.e., in case they sent it on the 25th or something) before I notify them that they're in violation?

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More...hope someone's reading this!

Should I notify them in the second letter that they're in violation the FDCPA 807 for reaging? Is that even the right section?

Here's the draft so far, maybe someone could give some feedback on it:

To Whom It May Concern,

You have failed to respond to my request for validation of the debt you claim I owe within the legally allotted thirty days. By verifying the alleged debt with a credit bureau without supplying my requested validation, you are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, section 809b.

I therefore request that you immediately remove any and all reference to this alleged debt from my credit reports. Should you fail to do so with fifteen days of receipt of this letter, I will pursue legal action.

Best Regards,

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almost eleven years after the account was supposedly opened!

Sorry, but the date the account was opened is irrelevant to the 7-1/2 year reporting period for negative entries. The reporting period begins with the first deliquency that immediately precedes placement for collections (internal or external) and/or charge-off.

So, the date you NEED is the date the account went delinquent and was never paid again.. usually 30 days after the last payment made.

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