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Old Credit Cards, Can't Cancel 'Em, Can't Love 'Em

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Hey Guys,

I'm looking for some "best practices" here....any ideas would be great.

What do you do when you get your credit back on track (> 670) and you have several "old" credit card accounts (4+ years old) that are all paid off and have high interest and BIG annual fees?

For example, I have a $500 CL Crapital One card with $0.00 balance, and a $59.00 annual fee. I don't want to cancel the card and lose the account longevity....am I stuck paying $59/yr for this "service" ??

Has anyone had any luck getting these "bootstrapper" cards converted to something like the "No-Hassle" card or whatever?

I'm never going to use this card again, so I guess the interest rate is moot. I just want the annual fee to go to zero.



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