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curious situation


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I have an old Nieman's card that was being paid through a debt consolidation company (this was before I knew better).. they were pretty good about it but the last payment made on the account was sept of 03.. which is out of the NC SOL..

My credit report reads the DOLA and date of last payment are July of 06.. (not even close.. that account was closed in 02 and paid on last in o3) but it has no negative remark.. has a balance of zero and a pays as agreed.. (I know thats not correct)..but since its paid as agreed there was no reason to dispute it

I get a call today from Arrow (dont we love them) about this debt and that there is 3000.00 owed.. blah blah blah (told them to mail it to me) but as I said its out of SOL... any clue other then DVing when I get their letter on anything else I should do? the credit report of July 06 seems odd... but I think its when the other company bought it (said reported for one month).. would the credit report even play a role in it.. as I said there is NOTHING past 9-03.. just wondering if they decide to get suit happy if there is a twist with this

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