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Hi, I'm Dave!


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I kept getting this message at the top of the screen before I had made one post to go to the Credit Repair and introduce myself. Since I didn't see any other introductions, I thought I might have read it wrong and made my first post in the Off Topic forum.......can't go wrong there! LoL!

And then I remembered what everyone said about searching the forums. I searched for "introduction", found one here, and decided to actually say hi in this forum 'cause that's what the note said! So...

:)++ Hi to all! I'm Dave, as if that was obvious by the username. I had asked LadynRed where she was an admin and found this place. I've got this problem on my credit report and this seems like it's going to be the place to find the answer. So I joined right after I checked her link out.

Again remembering that I should search the forums, I'll do some searching to see if I can find the answer....then I might whine about what happened anyway! 8-)

Have a good day!

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