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How to Update TL Status


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I have an issue with the Pay Status being reported on some TLs that I just disputed. They were originally from revolving lines of credit I had with WFF. I was laid off in 2003 and had unemployment insurance on the accounts (fully paid at the inception of the loans). They charged off the accounts after I told them I could not pay due to being on unemployment. Digging through my records, I saw that I did have coverage and sent the paperwork to the CRAs in disputes. Now the TLs reflect that I have zero balances, but instead of 'Charged off as Bad Debt' they have what is listed below. How do I get this updated to a good TL without jumping through hoops.


Pay Status: >Payment After Charge Off/Collection<

Date Opened: 06/2001 Date Closed: 10/2003


Pay Status: >Payment After Charge Off/Collection<

Date Closed: 04/2004 Date Paid: 09/2003

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