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WOW!!! A Kohl's charge AND a Visa Signature Card

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:DLet me start by saying that I have not applied for any credit cards in 3 years because my credit was SHOT! For the last year or so I've paid every bill on time and MORE than the minimum due.

I was in Kohls about 3 weeks ago and on a whim I decided to apply for their credit card because I do the majority of my shopping there. To my surprise, I was approved instantly at the register!

Next, I decided that I wanted ONE major credit card. I applied for the Chase Bank Priority Club Rewards Signature Visa (Holiday Inn, Staybridge Suites, Crowne Plaza, etc). About a week or so after I applied I received a phone call from Visa questioning the CRAP One charge-off. I explained that it was a valid charge-off from 4 years ago but I am in dispute over the amount. My balance was $778 but CRAP One says I owe them $1258 so I haven't paid it. Well I knew after that conversation I wasn't getting approved.

After a few days I realized I hadn't received a denial letter so I called them just to see, and to my AMAZEMENT I was approved for the Chase Bank SIGNATURE VISA with a $5000 limit!!!!(The Signature is MORE prestigious than the Platinum!!!)

Getting my credit back on track is soooo liberating and has giving me a whole new outlook on credit.

FYI, Chase uses TransUnion. My credit scores were as follows:

EQ-623, EXP-621, TU-646

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Thats great to hear...You whats Sad !!!!! is that I have banked with Chase for nearly 12 years with no hot checks, no lates in like 10 yrs + and my TU score right now is 678......They have turned me down in the past twice.....Go figure.....But Congrats to you because thats a good card to have....:)

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