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ok....like everyone I have been working to clear my credit. I have had success i didnt think I would and was even able to get my own car in my own name on a lease. I am down to 2 baddies on one report and 4 on another from like 17. Of those, 1 is settled with the stipulation to be reported as paid in full removing the co. The two other baddies are Asset and I sent all the info to a local Consumer lawyer who wants to sue them on my behalf. I got them cold so that will be my last thing.

Just wanted to share my Arrow story. They are from 2000 and should come off soon. Anyways, i have lots of my CR since I joined here with my updates and disputes. Well, Arrow was scheduled to come off 3/07. Guess what? I get my report back and the date miraculously changed to 7/08. I have at least 8 reports with the same date now they changed it.

What should I do with them? Leave them alone as they are past sol or go after them? I really do appreicate everything. I would have been doomed without this site.

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