Summons received - sent in receipts - now what?

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Thank you for such a useful and informative forum! I recently received a summons from a lawyers office. I contacted them, faxed in a copy of the money orders showing the debt was paid but the lawyers office will not give me any further info on how to proceed!? They keep telling me that the paperwork I sent in was being "verified" and to call back in a couple of days and when I do call back and ask how I should proceed from here they say "We cannot give you legal advice" Do I need to contact the courts? How long does this lawyers office have to "verify" the info I sent them?

Any advice would be helpful :)

Thank you

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Go to the clerks office and ask if they have a blank form for "answering a complaint". Fill it out and give it to them.

FIRST, ask them to verify that this is a legitimate summons/complaint and that the case has been filed. Find out if a date for hearing has been set.

None of that is legal advice.

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You will need to fill out the questionnaire that can be found here:

You haven't given us enough info in your first few posts for us to adequately answer your questions. First and foremost you need to find out whether you've actually been sued, or if the CA's lawyer simply sent you a copy of a complaint they may file against you if you don't settle with them to their satisfaction. The name of the court will be at the top of the Complaint. Contact them ASAP and find out if a Complaint has actually been filed against you.

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