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bell corporation deception (long)

Guest jesrelax

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Guest jesrelax


it's great to find this sight at this time! in sept. of this year i had a parking lot fender bender with a 1991 ford probe with 210k miles. most of the damage could have been pulled out with a toilet plunger. at the time i was an uninsured driver. (yes i know, bad) i have a disability and have been unable to work for over a year, so you do what ya gotta do.

30 days later i received a letter from "bell corporation of america" requesting me to pay $1,300 for the damage to the insured's car. $1100 + $200 for the insured's deductable. i called them refuting the amount and "lisa" hung up on me.

30 days later she called me, again demanding payment. i asked for a copy of the estimate which i received. the est. was done by a dealer, and the total shown was $1100. remember this is a 1991 car with 210k miles. the value of the car was about half of that figure. something smelled fishy.

i called her ins. co. and asked for the payout on the accident. it was $387.00

the next time she called, my girl friend answered and as a ploy to get me on the phone she said she was with state farm. i took the call and she proceeded with the demands. i told her "lets go to court". of course she hung up on me.

that was a month ago. lisa no longer calls me, it's a gentleman that does. he's called 4 times this week and leaves an urgent message for me to call him. i bet if i speak to this guy he'll say there's been a mistake with the est.

i don't mind paying my debt but i'm not going to let these leaches get away with these unfair practices!

any input is greatly appreciated.


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