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I've only found a few old threads on here about FBCS. I was wondering if anybody has had recent communications with them. Hubby has old Providian account and according to one credit report, is due to fall off 12/08. I just got a settlement letter from them yesterday offering 50% to settle. Was wondering if anybody had any luck DVing them. Thanks bunches.

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I would send the C&D.

Understand that they can still report a valid debt until the DOFD is 7.5 yrs old, they can still file a lawsuit in most states, but your simple response to that is to file an answer with an affirmative defense that the debt is SOL.

For me, when a debt has passed SOL, I ALWAYS include that in my C&D. I usually never hear from them again and I have never had one file a lawsuit. About 6 mo to a year later, I dispute it with the CRAs and in only one case did it not disappear. YMMV.

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They must have recently bought some new accounts because they are at it hard right now with a lot if people. They are notorious for violations.

The real name is Federal Bond and Collection Services, Inc.

I did some research and it seems they have 2 different addresses and use "FBCS." You have to serve them at:

Federal Bond and Collection Agency, Inc




Read this article:




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