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Dismissal without Prejudice question

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Hey everyone. I've looked around for an answer to this and found various angles, but nothing solid that applies to me so I'm hoping someone can help me out.

To make a long story short, I hope, I was sued by Winn & Sims for a Discover debt totalling around $2,300.00. I was served and called them up and worked out a payment plan. I made the payments, fell behind a couple of times, but always paid up.

Recently looking at my CR I found that the collection said "paid/closed", in fact the CR read that I was done paying the acct. even while making payments. Now, I know shame on me, but I lost track of my balance and thought I still owed money. I sent the lawyers a letter stating what I found on my CR and that if I was truly paid off to please send me paperwork to sign off as paid. Just the other day I received a "Request for Dismissal" from the lawyers.

Ok, now from what I've read they can still come back and get any monies if I still owe them, so how can I just get them off my back for good?! Would it be wise to request a balance showing that I did pay them off? Any advice on what I should do next? Should I just drop it and hope they don't come back at me?

Thanks for reading this!

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Hi Kristy, thanks for replying.

Yes, it's definitely a good thing that they just want to dismiss the case. Shame on me, but I lost track of the balance, but I believe I owed around another $300+ even though my CR shows it as a 0 balance. I'm assuming what I still owe are "lawyers fees." Part of me just wants to forget the whole thing and belive I'm all paid up, but part of me is worried that they'll come back at me later trying to get more money.

I'm just not sure of whether I should contact them to finalize everything.

Thanks again.

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