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Nuke or Targeted Strike?

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I would suggest to make 1 dispute letter per item per CRA and then send them out cert mail ret recpt requested and start to make a file. The reason is for record keeping and also later on you have ammo if you need to ever sue CRA or DC or OC for federal FCRA violations, no rush to raise flags.

I just received my Equifax report from the www.annualcreditreport.com site and, of course, it has a crap load of inaccuracies that need correcting.

My question is, do I log on to www.investigate.equifax.com and blast away with disputes or do I do one or two now, wait a month, then do some more?

Thanks in advance,


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Some of both, actually.

My first pile of deletes all came from a rapid, "nuke" approach. It seems to me that for new credit-fixers stuff comes off much more quickly and easily, especially given the CRAs only have a month to answer back.

After about six months or so, though, the nuke approach no longer seems effective. At that point you'll start finding sticky stuff that just won't go away easily; you'll have to build a file and start sending them CMRRRs.

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