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my wife has an old MBNA account

when we consolidated cc's (now ALL paid off), MBNA refused. we did not have the money to pay both, we took care of the consolidation.

we recently received the arbitration package from Mann Bracken. i sent a rejection of arbitration letter to NAF and MB, as well as a validation request to both.

MB has now sent a one page printout "Basic Account Information". it lists my wife as primary card holder (maiden name), her ss#, our current address, acc't number, date opened, date charged off (they list 7/29/2005), the total charge off amount, date of last payment (they list 5/28/2005). they list FIA card services as the present creditor. They also included a notarized letter from a FIA rep., notarized in Texas, listing the amount and $47.20 in "court costs".

questions: have they validated the debt, what is our next move, do we need to think about legal services at this point?

to be honest, this was a 2000 or 2500 limit cc....the rest is interest and fees. if they had simply accepted consolidation, it would have been paid. at this point, the debt is already charged off. just want to make the best move at this point.

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If what they sent came from their own computer records, and NOT from the original creditor...then, no, this is not sufficient validation. They're supposed to get that from the OC, and forward it on to you.

Also..."FIA Card Services" is now listed as the OC, then that means they bought the debt from MBNA. As a JDB, they are possible NOT entitled to use the arbitration scam. Depends on you state, and, the original card agreement.

You'll need to do a search on "arbitration"....

(Incidently, it turns out that by sending the refusal to arbitrate, you may have inadverntly acknowledged receipt of their notice, which under their fine print, give them the authorization to go ahead. You might want to read up on that, too...)

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