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Where's my BOA (secured) Card???

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OK, so I sent off for a BOA secured card (mid of Jan)..... (sent $300 (was deducted Jan 21 from my checking account)....I have not recieved the card....It has been showing on ALL THREE credit files for a week now (exactly 7 days tomorrow)...

where the heck is that card?????????????????

great credit score boost by the way....just my fako's (I know they can be EXTREEMLY far off) but I had about 550 EQ and with this card it jumped up to 574. ..505 to 521 TU and 501 to 518 Ex


I now have (positive side)

Orchard (secured) $200

BOA (secured) $300

CJ $1500

Bank Loan for a truck $8,300 original - $4,600 bal.

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