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CA showing as an installment account


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I Just wrote a rough draft letter to a collection agency that is showing on my credit reports as an installment account. Please give me some input on my letter.

To whom it may concern,

I'm writing to you in regards to violations your company LVNV funding as placed on my credit reports with Transunion, equifax, an experian. You are in violation of the Fair Credit reporting Act. You are listing collection accounts as installment accounts. This is a violation and for each violation I can be awarded up to $1000.00. Please delete these accounts from my credit reports. If these are not deleted I will have no choice but to continue legal action against your comapany and file complaints against you with the Fair Trade Commission, as well as the Attorney General, and BBB. This letter is not saying that I owe the debts you are reporting it is just stating that LVNV is in violation of reporting incorrect information on my credit reports. I'm willing to settle this matter with complete deletion from all credits reports, and that no other information will be placed on my reports or that these accounts will be to sold or transfered to another collection agency or law firm. I believe the amount I can receive for every violations is well above the amount your company states I owe. I will give your company 15 days to delete the information from my Credit reports or I will seek legal action against you. Please reply back to me within 10 days from receiving this letter. And if your company only fixes the violations and does not delete them I have made copies from all of my credit reports that show your violations.

Thank you

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