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Gotta love Equifax

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well i got those also, but i responded and sure enough got ALL, every single negative tradeline and collection deleted, and they keep coming! i keep getting equifax updates "we have reviewed the accounts per your request and that item has been DELETED from yoru credit profile"...i love it..

i dont know if reporting to the FTC did it, or what..but all of a sudden i just kept getting updated reports deleted, deleted, deleted, deleted. most were collections or chargeoffs. stuff as current as 2 months ago, and as old as 5 years ago.

so i think maybe if you do respond and follow their procedure it might work.

the irony of it all, and this is what i said to them when I called after receivinv the request to identify myself for "my protection".

i said "so you are asking me to send back my personal information, social security, a copy of my drivers license and a bill from my currrent residence, and you want me to send it to a PO BOX us mail? okay then, so lets say someone intercepts that information and steals my identity, which is possible happened to begin wtih, and thats why im disputing the information. i asked if i caould send it ups or something more secure, they said no, not to a po box, i aksed for another address, corporrate headquarters, something, anything. they said only to the po box listed ion the letter. so i did it anyway and blurred out the info on my social figureing they could figure it out. guess it worked, cause like i said each day was like christmas going to the mailbox..."deleted"..in fact, cant wait to get home 2nite and see what awaits.

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