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Filing small claims - CA is in NY, I am in SC - where do I file?

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I am contemplating suing a CA which is in NY, I am living in SC....debt was incurred in NY....

I was searching this document from the local court's website:


On page 4 it states:

"Identify the county where the person lives or company does business that you claim injured or damaged you or your property. You will need to file your lawsuit in that county."

Does this mean I have to sue in NY? I always thought you could sue w/in your own jurisdiction....

I'm so confused...

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Thanks Recov! :)

SC apparently does not regulate collection agencies...is there anyway else I can find out if they are authorized to do business? I guess I would just assume that they are....

Would I then say that they are conducting business within the state because they are sending me correspondence through the US mail?

I'm just not sure how to write this out in the complaint...

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Actually the SC Dept of Consumer Affairs will help you with CAs.

Be careful with saying that the CA is not there....they can be, under a parent name. I had that happen once. Also, in SC, they do not have to register is they do not solicit business from SC based OCs. You would still serve their Registered Agent.

If you can't find them on the SOS web page, contact the Dept of Consumer Affairs and they may be able to help you with the registered Agent.

Good luck!

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