any other option convert from 13 to 7?

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I made 5 payments into a 13 plan and my confirmation is on 2/20. I just got let go from work this past Friday. my confirmation is so late cuz the judge kept postponing it, due to his illness. so I just went along with the 3 potponements.

Does anyone know what other options are available? and if I convert to 7 how long do I need to wait for my 6 month avg income to reduce sufficiently. I live in BY and payments were 395. Also What does the trrustee do with the $ if I convert to a 7?

Thanks in advance.

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There's one thorny problem that could arise here. The Trustee/bk court may not accept your conversion. Their view is that unemployment generally isn't forever and that you will be seeking a new job.

You definitely have to speak to your lawyer. There really aren't any other options.

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