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Portfolio Recovery Associates

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I have dealt with them in the past. If you need contact info, here are some names... I had a Paid CO with them and sent the executives a goodwill email.

They were pretty prompt with deleting it. Good Luck

Ms.Judith Scott -General Counsel JSSCOTT@portfoliorecovery.com

Steven Fredrickson - CEO/Pres. SFredrickson@portfoliorecovery.com

Craig Grube - EVP Acquisitions CGrube@portfoliorecovery.com

Kevin Stevenson - CAO/EVP/CFO KStevenson@portfoliorecovery.com

Corporate Office is

120 Corporate Blvd Norfolk, VA 23502

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Have any of you guys sued these JDB's? I have them on multiple FCRA/FDCPA violations and will be filing pretty soon. Any advice?

In August 2005 I sent a DV. PRA had "kindly" responded giving me three choices; provide documentation to resolve the Dispute; or fill out the PRA Dispute Form; or fill out the PRA Affidavit of Fraud or Forgery. In September 2005 I replied with my version of a FOAD Letter (had no idea of what it was called back then). I never heard from PRA, or another CA/JDB again. :) End of discussion for me!

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You may want to talk to PRA's General Counsel instead of local attorney for quicker action.


Allison L. Cannizaro, Esq.


Lakeway II, Suite 1240 3850 N. Causeway Boulevard Metairie , Louisiana 70002

Telephone: (504) 828-3700

Facsimile: (504) 828-3737

Email: acannizaro@sessions-law.biz

I would start with Ms. Cannizaro.

Her boss is David Israel at the same address and phone number. He can also be reached at (504) 669-0234 (Cell) and his email is: disrael@sessions-law.biz

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