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Need help with Citi.....

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It's been over a year ago that I answered and submitted Discover in Aid of Judgement to Citibank.....I NEVER heard anything back from them since. Until the last Thursday, I get a letter that states:


My Name

Judgement in Cause: xx-xxxx

Judgement Date: 10/05/04

Acct# xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Balance Due: which is almost $2500, then what I remember owing

Please be advised the law office of (law firm name) has been retained to represent the creditor. The Law Firm of (old creditor) is no longer associated with the representation of the creditor. (New Law Firm name) has been, and will continue to be, the attorney of record for the creditor. The post office box and phone number for (Law Firm name) will continue to be the same.

Unless, within 30 days after receipt of this notice, you dispute the validity of the debt or any portion thereof, we will assume the debt valid.

If within 30 days of your receipt of this notice you notify us in writing that the debt or any portion thereof is disputed, we will obtain verification of the debt, or a copy of a judgement, if any, and we will mail to you a copy of such verification or judgement.

If the original creditor is different from the creditor named above, then upon your written request within 30 days of the receipt of this notice, we will provie you with the name and address of the original creditor.


So do I just DV them as I would any debt collector and wait to see if they can validate. I am just concerned because they have included a judgement in cause No.???

thanks for any advice.....

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I also just took a look at my credit report, and on my closed accounts/ accounts currently past due, Citibank is showing the Date Reported: 1/2007, balance is $15505, Past Due $13473, Account Status: Charge Off....does this mean that they are trying to re-age the debt?? I know I haven't paid on this thing since Aug. 2003!!!

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I always DV when I see the "if within 30 days you dispute the validity of this debt..." line. I would definitely make them go and get a copy of whatever it is they are trying to collect.

I wouldn't worry about the date reported, as that usually refers to when they last updated your report.



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Something here sounds fishy. If they had a judgement, would they be talking about the 30 day dispute thing? Sounds like they are trying to scare you. I had a creditor (academy collections) give me a docket number. They werent really suing. Now they are talking to my lawyer.

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