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I got served by a credit card company that im gonna be sued i was served 1-11-07 and realized the form says i have to respond to the court and plaintiff or the case gets defaulted and i lose. I need some help in finding the legal form that i need to use to respond. Im in CA and the website was very hard to find what i was looking for can anyone help? Thanks in advance im new to all this. xdancex

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I looked over the forms on the site you listed and like you

couldn't find one that seem to pertain to answering summons.

But it did say you can go to the court clerk and get the form or help. If you are near by that might be the fastest way.

I just had to respond... but in my state a written letter was all

that was required. I tried to make it simple and uncomplicted for the judge but as offical as I could. I tried to find just a form letter to

go by but had no luck. My brain was on overload from the stress

of it all and found it hard to concentrate to get the letter to

answer what I needed but keep it simple,

So good luck to you.

Hang in there.


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