Thanks everyone new scores are in

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I just wanted to thank everyone for such great info on this site. I've been reading everthing on here and trying everything I read. And guess what It's working. I just got my new FICO scores

Tranunions EQ EX

11/06 494 463 545

2/07 547 519 570

I know to some these scores are still low but hey they are getting better and it's all because of you guys. Thanks

I did post for some input on a few letters I plan to send out. I didn't hear back from anyone so I sent them. I hope they work. Thanks again !!

I love this site.

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Keep it up, time and persistant vigilance will pay off. I am hoping in time, with the new congress, we can get some consumer friendly legislation to offset some of these stupid credit policies such as allowing multiple listings of the same negative; getting the seven year rule pared down to five, ect.

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