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SOL and court

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I know I have read that SOL can be from state where the agreement was signed or where you are living now. My niece signed for a CC in PA (SOL 6yrs)

but now lives in FL (SOL 4yrs). She just got notified of court action against her in seminole county (FL). Does this mean SOL is adhered to FL laws? We are working to determine when DLA was but think it was possibly 10/2002. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Thank you,


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The SOL on store cards (Circuit City, Macy's, Rooms2Go, etc.) in FL is 4 years.

The SOL on credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Diner's Club, etc.) is 5 years.

If the account originated in a state where the SOL is lower, then the shorter SOL applies.

The date you went delinquent is important.

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From the Florida Statute:

95.10 Cause of action arising in another state.--When the cause of action arose in another state or territory of the United States, or in a foreign country, and its laws forbid the maintenance of the action because of lapse of time, no action shall be maintained in this state.

Instead of trusting a website for SOL, look up your state's statute yourself. Be sure, don't trust anyone else.

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