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Debt Validation


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Hello Everyone,

I hope I have come to the right place for good info. so I will start. Thank you to all who respond.

Heres the situation, I just today, received in the mail, a letter from an attorney stating I owe Capital one 5500 dollars for a credit card from 3-4 years ago. It was just a formal letter stating that I can dispute the validity of this letter within 30 days it will be deemed valid. It even has a validation notice statement on it. I was advised to send a validation letter regardless, so I am. Questions:

What should I get back from the attorney for a true validation?

How do I know the info. they gave me is enough proof?

My letter states they have 30 days to respond, is that correct?

Is is worse that it is from a law firm in the same state?

Would they have enough proof, or just merely threatening me as one who does not do research on this?

Any other valuable info. I may have forgot to ask would be very helpful as well?

Again, Thanks to all who respond

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I'd like to hear the answer to the "what constitutes proof" question the OP had. This is still a very muddy concept for me....I mean, is it just copies from the OC or does it have to be something the debtor originally signed?

What constitutes proof that the CA has indeed "bought" the debt?

If there were samples of these on the web somewhere to study, that would be fantastic!


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