Cingular makes inquiries, but does it report?!?!

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Here's one....

My wife and I signed a new 2 yr contract with Cingular this past weekend (I know, they suck...but I ran the numbers and we'll save money with how much the family hens will be clucking away for free)....anyway....

I checked my CR on Truecredit this morning and voila - Cingular pulled my report this past weekend. Does this mean that I can expect regular monthly reporting on my timely payments by Cingular?

In my past experience with T-Mobile, my guess is no....I have 2+ years of spotless payment history with them and not one positive report.

Why are Credit Bureau agencies allowed to report inquiries that subscribers (Cingular) make to a consumer but yet are not required to report (or list) positive information about consumers from those very same subscribers?


Thanks guys,


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Many of the cell phone companies do report. Verizon Wireless used to report each and every month, both positive and negative TLs; however, now they only report TLs for 'seriously delinquent accounts.' Their explanation to me was that they must pay a fee to the CRA for reporting all TLs, so the less TLs they report the more they save. Cell phone contracts are not really 'pay as you go' as you're pretty much locked in to that stinkin' two-year minimum.

It is not the CRAs responsibility to report a furnisher's TL. There is no rule that says a furnisher must report an account. However, if they do report they must report accurately. Cingular pulled your report(s) to make sure there was a good chance you would pay them every month. They pay a fee to the CRAs for that service. My guess is that they do as Verizon does, though, and only will report your TL if you are seriously delinquent.

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