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I have been attempting to have a "judgment" removed from my Experian report for several years. I have a document from the court that says the case was dismissed, but EX couldn't care less (I get every excuse back - we cant use your documentation, item has been verified, frivolous dispute, etc). Today's response was I can add a consumer statement to my file, so I was thinking of adding this purposely sarcastic consumer statement:

"This item has been dismissed by the Court per statute #### and a signed statement by the Clerk of the Court, Mr. XXX XXXX on 5/1/04. Because Experian willfully violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act, United States Law and Consumer Protection Statutes in the State of Florida - and will not follow the court's instructions and properly remove this inaccurate item from this report, I deem this item on my Experian credit report to be frivolous."

Think they'd add it? ;-)

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Hi Dive,

My post is half in jest. I was thinking...what if some CRA clerk without thinking posts that statement (please re-read it) - a lawsuit at that point is a slam dunk becuase they will have admitted to breaking the law. I am of course, counting on the stupidity of a CRA's poorly trained and poorly paid clerk.... ;-)

Essentially, what if we added consumer statements that turned the tables on the CRA's by putting the blame on them. I know it doesnt erase the negative item, but it opens them up to two things legally - either refusing a consumer's statement thereby violating the FCRA, or stating their own violations as we see them.

Or have I read one too many of my credit reports too late at night....

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