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What does this mean on CR?

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I pulled my CR from experian today, and want to know how this works. 24 month payment history shows OKs all the way to June/03..... July/03-30.....Aug-ND..... Sep-60.....Oct-90.....Nov-120.....Dec-120.....Jan/04-120, (Feb/04-OK) Report from 7-26-06 shows progression of days past due correctly, the only thing I'm really twisted on is the Feb/04-OK, I made no payment. What things or actions can account for the OK to be entered? Is this an attempt to re-age?This account then sold at some point and collector account opens 9/06. I'm hoping gurus on boards can enlighten me.

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I'm no guru. But. . .

Something is inaccurate or incomplete here.

I have never seen "OK" on any of my EX CRs.

On my TU CRs - "OK" means that the account is CURRENT.

As you say, perhaps it is an attempt to Re-age. Not sure.

DOLA (Date of Last Activity) should be 6/2003 or

DOFD (Date of First Delinquency) should be 7/2003, which doesn't change.

According to EX CR, the TL should drop off 7/2010.

What is "ND" for 8/2003 where they purposely omitted "60"

but included the "60" for 9/2003 - 60 days?

I am confused. The Experts should be here shortly

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according to the key at the bottom of the report ND means "no data provided*". On looking up the * it says "sometimes the credit bureaus do not have information from a particular month on file."

Yes that little ND gap concerns me as well. My biggest and foremost question is; What all things/actions would motivate a creditor to post an O.K. that indicates (current) when no payment was received ?

I've searched these boards and done a lot of reading here and could not find this info.

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In general, the "payment history" portion of a CR is the least accurate, and except for creditors that actually expect to be paid back (like mortgages) has very little meaning. That's why if you were 120 days late when an account gets closed by the creditor, it may continue to be 120 days late from then on. It just doesn't get updated every month.

CRAs do have a "reporting format" to follow, but its so flexible, that one field missing can trigger other field assumptions. For example, the "ND" could be the result of them reporting "sold to another lender" that month and NOT including the field that says 120 days late.

Don't worry about it.

The important date (for a bad debt anyway) is the DOFD. If that changes, somebody reaged the TL...

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